Windermere’s Gardner Report

Windermere is delighted to partner with Gardner Economics to provide analysis and commentary on the Western Washington real estate market.  I have also included his reports back to 2008 when the recession began so you can read his predictions in the clear light of history. Just click on the quarter you are interested in and the report will be downloaded automatically. I hope this information helps you.

2012 Ecomonic Reports for Western Washington

Matthew Gardner of Gardner Economics



Matthew Gardner
Gardner Economics
Seattle, WA.


Mr. Gardner is a land use economist and principal with Gardner Economics and is considered by many to be one of the foremost real estate analysts in the Pacific Northwest.Matthew Gardner heads all residential commercial, economic and litigation support assignments dealing with market evaluation, market positioning, economic base assessment, financial feasibility and fiscal implications of residential and commercial real estate projects.

Mr. Gardner is particularly involved on highest and best use assignments where market trends are given residual land value expressions.

Mr. Gardner chairs the Board of Trustees at the Washington Center for Real Estate Research; sits on the Urban Land Institutes Technical Assistance Panel; is an Advisory Board Member for the Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies at the University of Washington and is the Editor of Washington State University’s Central Puget Sound Real Estate Research Report. He is also the retained economist for the Master Builders Association and Windermere Real Estate Company.

He has over twenty five years of professional experience in the U.K. and U.S.

These reports are designed to offer insight into the realities of the housing market.  Numbers alone do not always give an accurate picture of local economics conditions, therefore my intent is to provide an explanation of what the statistics mean and how they impact the Western Washington housing economy.

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