Mason County Waterfront Sales Trends

These charts represent "Mason County single-family waterfront property", a population of approximately 4500 properties. That includes Hood Canal below the Big Bend, all 1200 Mason County lakes and rivers as well as the Puget Sound coastlines within the county. The seasonal nature of Olympic Peninsula property should be considered separately from the state as a whole and the smaller sample size tends to move the results more radically.


These charts are updated about the 10th of every month.



In light green is our inventory size, how many single-family waterfront homes are available on any given month. In darker green shows how many were sold and red is the pending contracts.








This is a great chart to illustrate how many days on average a waterfront home requires to sell and what percentage of the listing price we expect a home will sell.








I hesitated to publish this chart because these numbers should not suggest how much your property is worth. This is however an indicator of how waterfront homes are prices in our market and for what price they are being discounted on average








This chart is called "Months of Inventory" – an old and somewhat of an "insider" concept. The is a calculation that takes into considertion how quick listings are sold verses how quickly new listings come onto the market. In other words, if no new listing came onto the market AND properties continued to sell at the current rate, how long would it take to sell every waterfront home in Mason County? Generally speaking, over six (6) months is a buyers market – under 6 months id a sellers market.








Check back here after the 10th of the month when we will chart out the new month's numbers.